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Fenasia Ltd is proud to claim a place in the global chemical fraternity with its wide range of high quality leather processing and finishing chemicals, starting from beamhouse operations up to finishing operations. Fenasia Ltd, erstwhile a joint venture company with Fenice S.P.A, Italy, was established in the year 2000 and has since been producing world class finishing chemicals. It gradually added to its range a host of wet end chemicals and successfully established itself in the leather industry in India and abroad.

The professionally managed organization takes pride in having two factories – one for the Domestic Market and the other is a 100% Export Oriented Unit. Fenasia exports chemicals to China, Bangladesh, Nepal, Sri Lanka, UAE, Hong Kong, Kenya, Spain, Taiwan, Pakistan, Uganda and Egypt through its wide network of international distributors and presence in the domestic market. It has offices and technical laboratories in all the major leather centres in India, i.e. Kolkata, Chennai, Jalandhar, New Delhi and Kanpur.

Fenasia’s manufacturing plant is equipped with modern machineries and up-to-date technology, which puts the company in the same bracket as renowned global players. All the activities of the organization are well supported by a team of qualified and experienced professionals, technologists and commercial personnel, who form the core group.

Fenasia Ltd has modern reactors and high capacity spray driers installed, which are capable of producing Syntans to the tune of 6000 mts. per annum. The company has in its possession a Polyurethane Binder plant that is geared to manufacture high quality different grade Polyurethane Binders.

Fenasia Ltd also has a 100% EOU unit and has of late entered into a technical collaboration with Tenigram SL, Spain. The company was accredited an ISO 9001:2008 certification in the year 2008, which is an assurance of quality and consistency.

With the introduction of chemicals for paint, textile, adhesive and coating industries, Fenasia can be put in the same bracket as broad based multi-product group companies including manufacturing of Super Speciality Refined Glycerine.

The effluent treatment plant ensures the maintenance of standard norms as per the guidelines of the Indian Pollution Control Board.

Overall, Fenasia believes in quality, consistency, service, trust and total commitment to customers, thus building a long-term partnership for mutual growth.