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Recognizing the challenges that the industry faces in meeting business and customers' needs, Fenasia accepts the tanners' challenge to achieve their goals for:

  • Complying with all Reach Norms
  • Improving Profitability
  • Responding to Customer Needs by not using Banned Substances
  • Complying with Environmental Regulations
  • Exceeding Quality Expectations

Fenasia is the solution to the challenges faced by the leather industry. Right from its conception, having developed specialty chemicals with European technology, Fenasia has listened to and anticipated customer needs and responded with unique solutions. Fenasia will continue to provide in the future, value-added services and products to improve the efficiency of its customers.

Board Of Management

Our management is very transparent and our control on the manufacturing process and activities is evident by a visit to our factory. Fenasia has a very clean and lean management system that provides its customers easy access to approach anyone, right from the CEO to the field officers.


The Fenasia brand is standardized and managed by a team of highly competent professionals who are responsible for launching new products and services, opening new avenues and markets worldwide. Our product brands are Fentan, Fenoil, FR, Fenur, Fenlustre, Cera, Poll, Wasserlac etc. for the leather industry and Fenlam, Fenpan, Fenpest and Fentex for the paint, textile, print lamination, packaging and footwear industries.

Customer Relations

Fenasia believes in keeping customers worldwide up-to-date on new releases, which are periodically mailed to key customers globally and are also available on demand. Fenasia prides itself on its vision, goals and great values.

Our on site professionals provide daily solutions to the continuous problems faced by the leather industry. Our team orientation programme is held periodically to strengthen the team morale and motivate them to reach their goals. We are a loyal and respected collaborator and place great emphasis on values, integrity and commitment.


Fenasia is committed to environmental policies and complies with local laws and regulations.

We lay stress on our research, production and effluent treatment for reduction of operational emissions and liquid-solid waste, thus, contributing towards making the environment eco-friendly.

The effluent treatment plant ensures the maintenance of standard norms as per the guidelines of the Indian Pollution Control Board. Also we do not use any banned substances hazardous to health and our leather chemicals are certified Reach Compliant.

Global Presence of Fenasia Leather Chemicals