A Peep into Fenasia’s Kitchen

Being an Indo-Italian Joint Venture Company and in technical collaboration with Tenigram SL, Spain, Fenasia maintains a strong philosophy of paying special attention to product consistency, quality and service to customers. It has a range of high standard chemicals for the leather industry as well as other diverse industries like paint, textile, adhesive etc. Overall, Fenasia believes in quality, consistency, service, trust and total commitment to customers, thus building a long-term partnership for mutual growth.

All our products are Reach Compliant and 100% exempt from banned substances as per the EU rules and regulations. The necessary certification is available on demand.

    Fenwet 40
    Fenzyme D47
    Fenoil SD
    Fenoil IE
    Fenlim 74
    Fentan AB
  • Preservatives & Fungicides
    BF 100
    BF 930
    BF 250
    BF RR
    BF 300
    Fenpreventol S
    BF 400
  • Degreasing Agents
    Fenoil SD
  • Bating Agent
    Fenzyme  ABE
    Fenzyme  ACE
  • Wet End Chemicals
    • Syntans
      Fentan NH
      Fentan NH Liq
      Fentan AL
      Fentan NAL
      Fentan GN
      Fentan GN
      Liq Fentan PAK
      Fentan LD
      Fentan ASO
      Fentan SD
      Fentan MS
      Fentan LE
      Fentan SWP
      Fentan R-61
      Fentan BF
      Fentan 66
      Fentan BS
      Fentan RE
      Fentan PS
      Fentan 540
      Fentan 505
      Fentan 808
      Fentan 701
      Fentan LS
      Fentan PM3
      Fentan 703
      Fentan GT
      Fentan GW
      Fentan GS
      Fentan PF
      Fentan LPS
      Speciality Refined Glycerine
    • Fatliquors
      Fenoil NP
      Fenoil S
      Fenoil EP
      Fenoil LF
      Fenoil FA
      Fenoil SPAS
      Fenoil SP20
      Fenoil SPES
      Fenoil KM
      Fenoil XE
      Fenoil SR
      Fenoil ES70
      Fenoil EAS
      Fenoil EF
      Fenoil RR
      Fenoil DL
      Fenoil FS
      Fenoil SM
      Fenoil SI
      Fenoil TR
      Fenoil 288
      Fenoil KW
      Fenoil PE
      Fenoil AK
      Fenoil MP
      Fenoil 07
      Fenoil PS
      Fenoil SPL
      Fenoil GF
      Fenoil L2
      Fenoil WG
      Fenoil 393
      Fenoil SFN
      Fenoil TS
      Fenoil SG
  • Self-Basifying Agent
    Fentan AB